“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” This statement is often heard by many but it’s unambiguous in the sense that every individual is beautiful. Beauty is segregated into two forms internal and external. People judge on the basis of your outer appearance more like what appeals to their eye, when they should try to discover your inner self. Glow is the essence of beauty. Your skin radiates with that glow only when you love yourself for who you are.

Being dark, being pale, being obese, being skinny, etc etc don’t make you any less of a person than you are. People will label you but that’s what they do, doesn’t mean that you are what they say. Confidence breeds beauty and only when you are confident in your own skin will you emanate your own luminous essence.

You are beautiful. The scars on your body, the stretch marks on your hips, the dark circles under your eyes, the freckles on your cheek, all of it makes you even more beautiful because all of this proves that you are human. Beauty doesn’t demand you to be flawless, it shines through all your flaws.

A daisy can never be an orchid. Neither can a lily be a tulip. All flowers are diverse, none of them are identical. All flowers are beautiful in their own way and so are you. Everyone has their own identity and no one can steal it. Inner beauty is a damaged butterfly. Instead of hurting it’s broke wings we should help it escape the prison of human perceptions.

Obviously an attractive face is pleasant to look at it but the most indelible people are the ones with captivating personalities. Eventually external beauty is going to fade away but your soul is eternal. Confirming to so-called beauty standards is nothing more than leading oneself towards facing disappointments or discontents and trapping oneself in a bubble of negativity. Directions ourselves to consider the importance of inner beauty will aid in discontinuing the formation of thoughts of being perfect. We need to be aware of the fact that our inner qualities define us not our facial attractiveness. We should embrace the beauty of our heart which lies within us because beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart.


Happiness is something very recherché to find in this world. Where what everyone focuses on is to bring another individual down. Happiness is more than just an emotion it refers to a guiding force to a flourishing life. A life without the shadows of sadness and anxiety is truly a happy one. There will be times when you feel low and all you can think about is how much better the life of your peers is, but, we’re are highly mistaken because every individual has an equal share of sadness and happiness in their life, which brings about the balance in ones life. Life can’t always be rainbows and sunshine and glitter and buoyant colours, you need to have spells of rains and streaks of lightning and catastrophic storms. After all and outpour of rain leads you to a rainbow. Unless you get through the face of rejection and dolefulness you will never really experience the longing to be happy and how happy one is to get through the gloomy phases.You might not win the lottery or score exceedingly well in your exams but I assure you that the minuscule things in life are the ones that make you feel gaiety.After you come home from a stressful day try taking some time for yourself, go read a book, go ride a bike or go for a walk and figure things out. It will help in pacifying your mind. These things in life teach you how to heal, how to cleanse yourself from the Demons that you’ve been fighting, to finally deal with the anxiety you’ve been ignoring and most importantly it connects you to your true inner self. You come in touch with reality away from the virtual world that seizes you in its dark hole. When you find your true self and learn to nurture it and focus on nothing else but things that make you feel blithe that’s when you will experience a very alluring emotion. That emotion is the unglazed feeling of happiness.